TAG-TITE® Tamper Evident Tag Retention Device

The TAG-TITE tamper evident tag retention device securely fastens your SIS-TAG and ensures adherence to management of change procedures.  The TAG-TITE device features an anodized aluminum locking body with an 18" adjustable length stainless steel cable and stainless steel hardware.  Each TAG-TITE device features a unique serial number that can be associated to the device tag number within your CMMS to prevent unauthorized and undetected replacement of safety critical devices.  TAG-TITE tamper evident tag retention devices are ideal for harsh environments in the process industries including heat, humidity, long-term exposure to weather, UV, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents, chemicals and more.  Ideal for use with SIS-TAG® brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification tags to provide for high visibility and asset management of safety critical devices.

Select "Add TAG-TITE Device" when checking out to add the device to your SIS-TAG.  Or purchase separately here for replacement of existing TAG-TITE devices.  Each TAG-TITE device has a unique serial number so if you are replacing an existing device, you must update the serial number in your CMMS accordingly.  Stainless steel mounting hardware included, tags sold separately.

TAG-TITE® Tamper Evident Tag Retention Device
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