SIS-TAG® brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification Tags provide for high visibility and asset management of safety critical devices in harsh environments in the process industries.

SIS-TAGs are made from photosensitive anodized aluminum with the text and color permanently sealed within the anodic layer.  This results in the highest level of durability available for harsh environments in the chemical, oil & gas, petrochem, pharmaceutical and other process industries with an expected life of 20+ years. 

SIS-TAGs are available in three sizes and multiple finishes to meet your specifications.  Choose small SIS-TAGs in gold tone and black for identification and asset management of smaller SIS devices including switches, transmitters and solenoids in the most demanding conditions.

Large SIS-TAGs are ideal for bigger SIS devices including actuated valves and control valves and are available in silver and black for the greatest durability in the harshest conditions including heat, humidity, long-term exposure to UV, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents, chemicals and more. 

Large SIS-TAGs are also available in yellow and black for maximum visibility under extreme conditions including salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents and chemicals but offer less UV resistance. 

Large SIS-TAGs can be specified with your choice of no data fields, one data field or with three data fields for custom text.  Add device tag numbers, drawing numbers, SIF numbers, asset numbers or other custom data.  All SIS-TAGs can be customized with your user defined bar code on the reverse for asset management and CMMS identification.

TAG-TITE® RFID provides tag mounted ATEX approved HF RFID with stainless steel tamper resistant hardware for RFID identification and asset management of safety critical devices in hazardous locations.

Add an optional TAG-TITE® tamper evident tag retention device, stainless steel cable tie or cable lanyard to securely fasten your SIS-TAG and to ensure adherence to management of change procedures.  Each TAG-TITE device, cable tie and cable lanyard features a unique serial number that can be associated to the device tag number within your CMMS to prevent unauthorized and undetected replacement of safety critical devices.


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